What Are Soccer Goals and Soccer Rebounders?

Portable soccer nets are great for playing a game of soccer anywhere, from a person’s backyard to school grounds. They are great for soccer players, teams, and schools to own when they do not have professional soccer goals of their own.

If you already have a couple of nets, and you are content with not getting new ones for portability, you can also consider soccer rebounders. Soccer rebounders are all made for portable functionality.

However, soccer goals and rebounders are not the same. They have differences in appearance, but to a novice soccer enthusiast, they can often be mistaken for one another. Allow us to show you some characteristics between soccer goals and rebounders.

Differentiating between goals and rebounders.

Soccer Goal

While a soccer net or football training net and rebounder may look the same, they serve two different purposes. A soccer net is used in both training and in soccer games to indicate whether or not a team scores any goals. The purpose of the net is to also stop the ball’s momentum so that it doesn’t travel onwards from the goal. Soccer nets are necessary for playing a game of soccer, as it is the only conventional way to indicate if a team scores or not, much like sports such as field hockey or lacrosse.

Soccer goals are commonly made of metal or fiberglass. These nets are supposed to be sturdy, resilient, and very hard to knock over. However, goals with hard metal frames can be dangerous if a player accidentally kicks or runs into them. Soccer goals are also available in plastic to make them lighter and more portable, but the tradeoff there is durability.

There are football training nets that are made with oxford cloth. These are perfect for both practice and casual play. While they aren’t as big as regulation soccer nets, they are light, portable, safe to be around, and are not prone to rust. They are also available in colors like black, red and blue. We strongly recommend oxford cloth goals for practice and school-related occasions like gym class.

Soccer Rebounder

A rebounder is a tool that is used for practice only. It involves straight, flat, tight-fitting netting. Kicking a ball at this netting will make the netting bounce the ball back towards the player. The purpose of a rebounder is to help a player with shot accuracy so that the player can learn to kick more controlled shots. Soccer rebounders are also great when players do not have teammates to practice with. With practice, a soccer player can lob a soccer ball at the rebounder and volley it back and forth without assistance from another person.

The net is capable of rebounding balls due to the ply of the net, or thickness. Nets with higher ply will be able to handle balls kicked at a blazing fast speed. However, if you are looking to practice soccer ball control and accuracy, you will want a net that is tightly woven, rather than thick. Smaller weaves allow the ball to rebound towards you better so that you are able to volley the ball and control it better.

The net of a rebounder is hooked around the frame using either springs or bungees. Bungees are commonly the more favorable choice for soccer rebounders on account of their inability to rust or wear out of shape.

The best soccer rebounders are made with thick metal or steel frames that are weatherproofed. With weatherproofing, a rebounder frame won’t be able to rust as easily after dozens of rainfalls.

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